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electric wheelchair foldable travel lightweight hand controls
Empowering Independence

SuperHandy Electric Wheelchair - Redefine Mobility

Constructed from durable aluminum alloy, ideal for comfort and autonomy, it's perfect for those seeking daily mobility. With portable design, transportation is convenient.

electric wheelchair foldable travel lightweight hand controls

Unfold New Possibilities

Compact, Portable, and Ready To Go

Effortlessly fold it into a compact size for easy storage in tight apartment spaces, hassle-free transportation in cars or public transit, and seamless access to restaurants, shopping malls, or even friends' homes. Embrace the freedom to go anywhere and explore without limitations.

electric wheelchair foldable travel lightweight hand controls

Wheelie Bars

These devices prevent wheelchair overturning, ensuring stability on inclines, ramps, and uneven terrain. Crucial for balance and safety.

electric wheelchair foldable travel lightweight hand controls

Command Center

Mounts on either arm, for left or right-handed operation. Control speed, power, check battery levels, and use the horn all in one convenient spot.

electric wheelchair foldable travel lightweight hand controls

Neutral & Drive Mode Switching

The motor can be disengaged for user-assisted pushing and engaged to enhance pushing power on steep inclines, providing versatile assistance options.

electric wheelchair foldable travel lightweight hand controls

1-Second Quick Folding

Can be easily placed in the trunk of various vehicles;

Compact size: 28“x12.6“x 31.5”(710x320x800mm)

Item Dimension: 36.2"*22.4"*35.4" (920x570x900mm)

Which Option Is Best For You?     SuperHandy Electric Wheelchair - Lightweight, Powerful, Customizable

Designed with your utmost comfort in mind, this lightweight wheelchair crafted from durable aluminum alloy offers the perfect balance of strength and convenience. Say goodbye to limitations as you effortlessly explore with the help of the dual-motor power train. Experience smooth and seamless navigation like never before.

Effortlessly control your wheelchair using intuitive hand controls that let you easily adjust speed, and power, and even activate the horn with a simple touch. Experience peace of mind as the electromagnetic braking system ensures reliable stopping power and enhances your safety throughout your journeys.

You'll love the unmatched convenience of the foldable frame, making storage and transportation a breeze. Weighing only 32lbs, it effortlessly fits into standard trunks.

Conquer steep inclines confidently with the wheelchair's impressive 9-degree max slope capability. Equipped with large 12-inch rear wheels, dual motors, and sport rear tires.

Embrace the joy of effortless mobility and redefine your possibilities with the SuperHandy Electric Wheelchair. Rediscover comfort, convenience, and personalization as you navigate the world with confidence and independence by your side.

  • ALUMINUM ALLOY CONSTRUCTION: This lightweight transport wheelchair is made from durable aluminum alloy, making it sturdy yet lightweight. It's designed to provide optimal comfort and easy mobility for both children and adults.
  • SELF-PROPELLED AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighing just 32lbs, this wheelchair ensures easy maneuverability, offering users independence and flexibility in their mobility.
  • PORTABLE AND EASY TO STORE: The wheelchair features a convenient folding design, making it highly portable and easy to store. It can fit perfectly into standard trunk sizes, making it an ideal choice for travel.
  • SMOOTH NAVIGATION: Equipped with large 12-inch rear wheels, dual motors, and large sport rear tires, this wheelchair can safely navigate various terrains including pavement, and gravel.
  • EXPERIENCE FREEDOM OF MOBILITY: This wheelchair is designed to offer users the freedom of mobility, making it a perfect choice for those seeking independence and comfort in their daily movements.
Brand SuperHandy
Color Orange
Item Weight 41 Pounds
Style Electric,Sport
Material Aluminum
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