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ROBOOTER X40 was created to alleviate the inconvenience experienced by the elderly, the disabled, and others with mobility difficulties due to the shortcomings of existing powered wheelchairs and electric scooters. It's an intelligent personal mobility device created for those with mobility issues.

Compact size convenient for daily life


  • Discover possibilities that were once impossible with traditional large and heavy vehicles, now made achievable with our product - the ROBOOTER X40. This innovative vehicle brings unparalleled convenience and mobility into your life.
  • One of its standout features is the ability to perform a full 360-degree rotation. This feature allows the ROBOOTER X40 to turn and navigate effortlessly within tight spaces, offering you superior maneuverability wherever you are.
  • The ROBOOTER X40 has Automatic Folding System. This advanced functionality enables rapid folding and unfolding of the vehicle through a simple press of two buttons located on the main body. If you prefer, you can also control this feature using a dedicated smartphone app for the same purpose.
  • To top it all off, Once folded, the ROBOOTER X40 becomes incredibly portable, it fits comfortably in small car trunks, making transportation a breeze. Experience easier, faster commutes and an enhanced lifestyle with the ROBOOTER X40.


Smartphone Wireless Control System,Bluetooth Remote Control

After installing the dedicated Robooter app on your smartphone, you can use the remote control function to conveniently send the Robooter to a location where it will not interfere with traffic after you get off. Call the Robooter back to the location where you will board again.






Auto Hold Electronic Brake System

The electronic brake system performs the auto-hold function of a ROBOOTER X40.

It automatically activates without any separate operation when driving uphill or downhill, preventing slipping and automatically decelerating to ensure user safety.

The wheelchair stops as soon as you release the joystick, ensuring it never gets out of control even on steep slopes.

Built-in dual suspension shock absorber

The built-in dual suspension speed-up shock absorbers on both sides of the front omnidirectional wheel interact effectively with the omnidirectional wheel when encountering obstacles, absorbing shock and vibration and providing the user with the optimal riding experience.

Automotive grade overall frame, sturdy and durable. The maximum load is 260 lb.

Integrated Frame Structure - Super Steady, Super Enduring

The chassis employs an integrated welding structure, consisting of two beams and elbows to create a load-bearing structure. The entire chassis is not bound by a bolted connection, ensuring no deformation or loosening after prolonged usage. In simple terms, the backbone of the ROBOOTER X40 intelligent wheelchair showcases unparalleled steadiness and endurance.

Precisely tuned acceleration curve, soft start, smooth operation, precise steering, safe braking, comfortable start and stop.





LED backlight

The high-brightness backlight integrated into the rear of the seat enhances visibility for the user during night driving, helping to prevent safety accidents in various environments.

IPX4 life waterproof

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The wheelchair cushion is specially designed to protect your back. 2.7 inches of Space memory foam is added for more comfort.

Controller position change

For users who need to operate with their left hand, You can change the Controller position easily.

  • ROBOOTER X40 is everything you could want in an intelligent mobility Power Wheelchair. Is fully loaded with style and advanced features. Achieves the best quality of life and perfect mobility solutions. People who have limited mobility are an excellent choice when looking for an electric wheelchair. Elevate your life to the next level!
  • 👍【Why us】: ROBOOTER is a U.S. brand. Appreciated by all customers, we've served over 5,000 clients in the U.S., providing quality products and professional localized service. Aware of wear and tear over time, we keep a long-term stock of spare parts across U.S. warehouses. Our U.S.-based technical support team o is spread across the United States, ready to provide swift and professional on-site support. Imagine the comfort of knowing that professional support is just a call away.
  • ✅【Installation-Free & Foldable, Non-disassembly】: Automatically folds in 3 seconds. It fits into the trunk of any vehicle when folded. The weighs less than 92 lbs with the battery. Equipped with a 10A lithium-ion battery pack that is airline compliant* for safe travel!
  • 🔋【How to get a free Backup Battery】: Every power chair comes with a lithium-ion battery (7.5 miles per charge) in the package. Want to extend your range? Contact us to request a free high-capacity Backup Battery, We will ship it to you separately. Gives you all-day reliability with the battery capacity to cover up to 15.5 miles on a single charge. Off-board charge cord is a bonus allowing you to charge the batteries without the chair as well.
  • ✅【Breaking Down Barriers】: Combines powerful dual motors and revolutionary turning technology(360° rotation in place). With 10" rear drive wheels and a new top speed of 3.7 mph. Its turning radius comes at just 29.9", so the power wheelchair more easily navigates tight turns indoors and in your favorite shops and restaurants. Max Obstacle Height 1.77" and Ditch Width 3.9", our tire was built to accommodate off-road conditions. It’s able to pass obstacles that are much more difficult for others.
  • 🔺【Safety First】: 1. Comes with an auto-electric brake, instantly stopping with the release of the joystick, Whether going uphill or downhill and even stopping promptly in case of a power outage, preventing it from slipping away. 2. It has five forward speeds and reverses. Our wheelchair features a novice mode for a safe for first-timers. 3. The wheelchair also automatically slows down upon drastic changes in direction with a gyro sensor. 4. Comes with anti-rollover back wheels.
  • ✅【2 CONTROL METHODS】: 1. APP Remote Control, you could connect your phone with our wheelchair and enjoy features including one-tap fold & expand, remote control, mileage tracking, battery display, mode switch, and more custom features. 2. An enlarged and flexible joystick, with novice mode and voice prompt function, fully considering the control friendliness of the elderly.
Color White
Item Weight 90 Pounds
Style Auto fold, FDA(510k) APPROVED, Patented Product, IF Design Award and CEID Award.
Product Dimensions 42.3"D x 25"W x 37"H
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