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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!

Welcome Home Baby!
Hello.  My name is Diana Bussey.   I'm the owner of Baby's Nest NYC.   I knew it was time to share my gift set idea when I ran into a friend that was waiting for the birth of her grandchild.  Diana, I just want you to know that you gave my daughter the perfect baby shower gift!"   "Wow, what a great compliment .  Thank you".   
How many times have I heard this?   Numerous times.  When I'm shopping for a baby shower gift, I'm thinking of the parents and what they would really need after arriving home with their bundle of joy.
Once you arrive home,  you usually place the baby on the bed or in the crib. You unwrap the baby, take a good look with a smile.  Now, check to see if the baby is wet.  Proceed to take off the baby's little suit or frilly dress!   Of course that's if you dressed them in a coming home outfit!  I know I did.  My first daughter wore a pink and white dress with matching booties.   My mother bought me a beautiful blanket from Abraham and Straus to bring my baby home in.   The blanket was pink knit with ribbon trim.   
Well, by this time you may want to get comfortable with your baby.   Remember, make sure that you have a very comfortable outfit ready for yourself.
Something that you can easily slip into and also a pair of comfortable slippers.   
At this time need a nice baby sleeper or undershirt with a clean pamper, a pair of socks and a receiving blanket.   Maybe a little cap for the baby's head if it's cool in your home.   Oh boy!  your baby is starting to whimper.   "Time to feed me mommy or daddy!".   But the bottle is not prepared yet.  So we reach for the pacifier.  Yes, this will temporarily help.   The baby is now comfortable and waiting for their bottle.  
This is just a little tip from me :)
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